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Life Cycles (Living Processes) by Wayland | Age 6+

Life Cycles (Living Processes) by Wayland | Age 6+

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Take a look at how species are created or born, grow to adulthood, reproduce and eventually die. This book explores the variations in plant life cycles, including sexual and asexual reproduction. It also examines how life cycle patterns differ between and within animal groups, from mammals o amphibians and reptiles.

Includes fieldwork investigations that show how to identify the stages of a life cycle and fascinating fact boxes that offer in-depth information on topics such as mating rituals. An activity project shows students at Key Stage 3 how to create and study the life cycle of a sunflower.

The six books in the Living Processes series look at the processes all living organisms must carry out in order to stay alive. From feeding and drinking through to breathing and reproducing, it explores the differing ways in which organisms carry them out.

  • Paperback : 48 pages
  • Dimensions : 19 x 0.4 x 24.9 cm
  • Publisher : Wayland
  • Reading level : 6 - 11 years
  • Language: : English