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STEM / STEAM Educational Toys

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
If you add Art to this term, it become STEAM.

However the first term is more comment both terms refer to educational toys demonstrating one or more of the STEM/STEAM concepts to make education more fun for kids, as the best knowledge we build is the one we gain by doing. Usually such toys are marked as STEM or STEAM based toys.

Early exploration of such toys, will help kids to orient their thinking and innovation to become future leaders, Scientists, Engineers, and so forth.

Such toys are not complicated but not that dummy that can be explored in few minutes and then kids get bored while no value added to their skills. Stem toys usually require some DIY skills, readings, experiments, and interpreting results allowing kids to make hours of fun with direct impact on their skills level., has listed toys in different collections based on the majority of the STEM/STEAM subject, so that kids and parents, can go through a set of quality products matching their preference.

  1. Science (Human Body, Chemistry, Magnets, Earth, Digging, Slime, Crystal, Candle)
  2. Technology/Engineering (Snap Circuits and Electronic Playground, Coding and Solar Robots, Hydraulic, Tool sets)
  3. Art (Craft Supplies, Paper Art, Beads, Paints, Water Mat, Knitting, 3D Printing)
  4. Math (Snap Cubes, Tapes, Balance, Time, Operations Games, Counting, Shapes, Factions)
  5. Montessori, Construction, Logic / Brain Games, and reading Books




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